Return Policy

If you want to return the product you ordered due to any problem after receiving it, the steps to follow and what you need to know are as follows:

Within seven working days following the day you receive your order, you should inform your return request and your problem with the product in the “Customer Services” section of our website or send an e-mail to In line with the routing e-mail to be sent to you later, we kindly ask you to send the product back to within seven working days from the delivery date. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns for notifications exceeding seven business days. When your request reaches us, it is evaluated by the authorities and a confirmation e-mail is sent to you when your return is approved.

You should make sure that you return the product you want to return with its complete original invoice, the package undamaged, unused, undamaged as a result of misuse, including the order number and the correct address of If the invoice of the product is corporate, you must send it together with a ‘RETURN INVOICE’ issued by the institution for the return process, which is issued as ‘Product Unit Price + VAT’, without including the cargo share. You should know that we cannot complete the order returns, whose invoices are issued on behalf of institutions, unless a ‘RETURN INVOICE’ is issued. The box, packaging and, if any, standard accessories of the product must be present in the package you return to us, completely and undamaged.

Before approving your return, the product is reviewed by ‘ – Returns Section’.

You will be responsible for the shipping cost of all return shipments made under these conditions. However, if the product you want to return is found to be defective, your return will be approved and the shipping fee you paid for the return will be credited to your account.

After Your Return Has Been Approved

We refund your product price within ten days
after your return confirmation.
For payments made by credit card, the product
price is paid back to your bank within seven
days of your return confirmation.
It may take an average of two to three weeks
for the refund deposited to your credit card
to be reflected in your bank account.
Possible developments that may occur in the
process after the transfer of the reimbursed
amount to the bank in shopping made with a
credit card is entirely related to the bank
transaction process and is not the responsibility
Therefore, we do not have the right to
intervene in such problems.

Returns Except for the Right of Withdrawal

The Consumer’s ‘Right of Withdrawal without Reason’ is valid only for the repurchase of products for which a return request has been notified within seven working days after the said shopping has taken place. Returns cannot be accepted for periods exceeding seven working days.

Special Conditions
When your order is delivered, you should open your
package and check the product before the cargo
officer leaves the delivery place. It is very
important to do this, especially with crushed,
torn, opened or wet packages. Your product
invoice is located on the front of the courier bag.
In an unexpected situation, if you encounter
a problem product or if the invoice for the
product is not included in the courier bag,
you must not take delivery of the package and
make a report to the cargo authority and ensure
that it is returned to us by the cargo company.
The product invoice is absolutely necessary for
cancellations and returns.
Returns of products whose original packaging is 
damaged, spoiled, opened, destroyed, tried in any
way, used, damaged due to use or which do not
have an original invoice are not accepted. Return of the product, all standard accessories
of the product; packages are received undamaged
and exactly when they are sent back together with
their original packages and original invoice.
There is no refund with the 'Right of Withdrawal'
for periods exceeding seven days after delivery. The customer is obliged to return the product
as it was when it was received and to pay the
commercial loss caused by use.